FACS creates artistic ceramics, components for dispensing towers and personalized products in ceramics

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Our experience lets us find the ITEK formula, which is an evolved mix of ceramic which allows a large variety of shapes. ITEK products have an higher mechanic resistance, they can be hardly corroded, and comparing ITEK to other ceramic materials they are more resistant to oxidation, abrasion and scratches. Moreover ITEK products have production times and costs quite inferior compared to other materials.

Towers and accessories ITEK can be personalized with colours of a brand or with our exclusive finishes, any color, in platinum, gold with or without a condensed effect, with or without your logo.

Itek 601
Itek 602
Itek 603
Itek 604
Itek 605
Itek 606
Itek 607
Itek 608
Itek 609
Itek 610
Itek 611
Itek 612
Itek 613 SCI
Itek 614 PITONE
Itek 615
Itek 616
Itek 618 ASPIDE
Itek 619 ELICA
Itek 620 ET
Itek 621 TWIST
Itek 622 B7
Itek 623 SPEAKER